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Hey Readers,

Do you know how important is the nutrition in our day to day lives.
I got to know about it once I gave birth to my son. Its the day when I was feeling giddy all the time in spite of having very good food like mutton, milk, chicken etc.
Then realized whats happening to me why my body is acting like wierd not usual. Then all it started there for the journey in taking care of myself first in food habits, lifestyle etc.

Proper intake of food at proper timing will work out the trick. Even if you have little amount also its fine but timing is crucial. Then consulted a nutritionist who was very humble in listening and answering all my questions and suggested a diet plan for me. There came the real change in me. Within one week have reduced 1.1kg. Will share more details on the diet for the first week. stay tuned.

The first thing in the morning to have is 3-4 Walnuts. This is the secret i guess. Not sure which worked for me but finally the result is tremendous.

    Please do buy Walnuts and start your day with this, then notice the difference in your energy level.


SixthSense‘ is a wearable gestural interface that augments the physical world around us with digital information and lets us use natural hand gestures to interact with that information.

This is amazing technology. Using components that cost around $350, Sixth Sense technology changes the way humans interact between the real world and the cyber world using hand gestures. Unlike the famous Minority Report display, images can be projected on any surface anywhere. Wearing a Sixth Sense device you can retrieve data about an object, use any flat surface to project a movie or play a video game, take text from a document and “pinch” it over into your computer, and many more. You can even take pictures by simply framing an area with thumb and index fingers. As the inventor, Pranav Mistry says, “The imagination is the only limit.”

Last date for SRS Submission -Extended to   20th  November ’09

SRS to be submitted at

Subject line for SRS submission should be in the following format:

Team name / State name / Project Scenario Name.

It’s would be better if you submit SRS in PDF format…To convert your SRS in to PDF format download doPDF software.Here is the link for downloading pdf-logo-main_Full


“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.”
As students, you would have experienced or seen the truth of this Turkish Proverb. Every day, you are faced with choices, with decisions that in all probability will affect the way your life will pan out.
While the opportunities or the Doors that are presented are not in your hands, the choice to walk through them is yours and yours alone.
The Great Mind Challenge is one such door. There will be many others but this one, we believe, is one of the most important. The possibilities that open up once you walk through this door are endless and the potential you can realize, limitless.
What is “The Great Mind Challenge” contest?The Great Mind Challenge (TGMC) is a Nation-wide Software Development contest conducted by the IBM Academic Initiative Team. This contest focuses on enabling Technical institutes to nurture students. Grooming them to become part of a competitive workforce by arming them with market ready skills. It also aims to provide student programmers with a unique opportunity to develop innovative solutions using open standards-based IT tools from IBM in complex real time situations.

Time Line for TGMC ’09

Project Submission – 20th January’2010

for more information follow this link