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Yeah…2010 is wonderful and memorable year in my life.

If i had to sum up 2010 in one word, I’d use the word “Milestones“. A lot of things have changed since they are ought to change in everyone’s life after the college.Which made me realize what is good and what is bad on my own.

In January i was a nervous wreck. Nervous about major project. Nervous about TGMC Project. Nervous about my Attendance (being a JNTU student). Nervous about Placements. Altogether Nervous about Life.

But Luckily, i got through everything quite fine. Time just made be patient enough to face all the things.

To start with my proudest accomplishments this year

  • My TGMC Project got Short Listed for the Second round and this made me confident enought to go for the face to face evaluation conducted in Hyderabad.Even though my project dint get selected for the further rounds i am very happy and satisfied with the awareness and knowledge i got by participating in TGMC with lots of hard work and many sleepless nights.

  • Next , my Academic Project is successfully completed and it impressed my faculty, Dean, Secretary and even friends.But one thing which made me low is the marks given to my friends (my Team members) for the project even it is perfect 😦

  • I got placed in one World’s Largest Company 🙂  on May 22nd.This is my biggest Achievement in my Life.

  • Have completed B.Tech in First Class with Distinction.

  • And finally said good bye to my College life with the Farewell Party given by my beloved juniors.

  • In june i went to Art of Living Ashram for the Part-I course which made me to say bye bye Nervousness which i had.I became a devotee of Ravi Shankar Guruji and a big fan of Guruji’s Satsang at Ashram in Bangalore.

  • Then i kept waiting for the call from the Company. At last i have joined CSC on August 20th. I was very happy with the posting given to me in Hyderabad (My place), the account which i got, friends, collegaues etc etc.

  • And at the end of December they have given me a good application with lot of hope on me. And from Next year 2011 my real work is goin to start.

So i would cordially invite 2011 by wishing everyone A lot of things have changed since i became professional plus somethings have still stayed the same.

I’m still a small littles girl to my parents even though i am doing a job now.

I’m still simple, traditional and respect elders.

I still dont know car driving atleast i learn this year 🙂

What will 2011 brings??

Hopefully peace of mind, less stress in job and happiness.


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    • Shaikh Atif Abulkhair
    • Posted September 5, 2011 at 11:12 PM
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    hi……i had participated in tgmc2010 contest…but havent got my participation certificate yet…can u tell mewhat’s the reason behind this and what should i do to get my certicifate as it matters a lot for me and my efforts..
    kindly reply…

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