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“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.”
As students, you would have experienced or seen the truth of this Turkish Proverb. Every day, you are faced with choices, with decisions that in all probability will affect the way your life will pan out.
While the opportunities or the Doors that are presented are not in your hands, the choice to walk through them is yours and yours alone.
The Great Mind Challenge is one such door. There will be many others but this one, we believe, is one of the most important. The possibilities that open up once you walk through this door are endless and the potential you can realize, limitless.
What is “The Great Mind Challenge” contest?The Great Mind Challenge (TGMC) is a Nation-wide Software Development contest conducted by the IBM Academic Initiative Team. This contest focuses on enabling Technical institutes to nurture students. Grooming them to become part of a competitive workforce by arming them with market ready skills. It also aims to provide student programmers with a unique opportunity to develop innovative solutions using open standards-based IT tools from IBM in complex real time situations.

Time Line for TGMC ’09

Project Submission – 20th January’2010

for more information follow this link



  1. Hi!
    I had too, registered for this project. But the problem is that, i’m completely new to softwares like DB2, Rational, Lotus, Tivoli, Websphere etc. So it’s just a small request to you, to plz guide me elaborately, how to tackle out with them..

    I had a good knowledge of technologies like: php, javascript, java core, CSS, HTML, SQL, ORACLE,c ,c++; can it be utilized out in any of the above softwares?

    Plz.. Reply me as soon as possible..
    Thnx in advance.

    • Hiii…..
      ohh good to hear that you have registered for TGMC’09…..Every one face the same problem in the beginning, if you try to work with these tools you will definetly feel good…i assure(since i am an IBM ambassador)…
      Firstly DB2 is very easy to learn and it is user Friendly…You get many e-books…i am providing a url to you so that you get idea on DB2…and you can also download DB2

      hey i too know the same technologies what you have specified like PHP,HTML,CSS etc..etc….But we should not use PHP.And HTML is helpful and even CSS and Java and we should be god in Servlets even….By the way which Project Scenario did you select???

  2. Thnx rmya,
    I had selected National Polling as the project. Friend, i still have few more questions regarding this:
    1)Do we have to submit synopsis in a pdf format only?
    2)Are any videos tutorials also provided by IBM? If yes can u plz provide me out few such links?
    3)Where java,AJAX, XML, J2EE, E-FORMS will help me out?… i mean which of these softwares demands understanding of these technologies?

    • Hello….
      Wow good project you have selected…
      it would be good if you submit it in pdf format.
      yup videos are available .In this site you can find videos of DB2…Try to register in dat its a good site.
      The technologies you have mentioned are very helpful to complete TGMC succesfully..As i already told servlets and JSP are most important.AJAX should be used for registration forms…As you have selected Online National Polling, AjAX must be used such dat you get respective constituency for each state…..Hope you undersatand….
      Presently wat are you doing??n whr r u from?

  3. Thnx again…
    I thought, might be you had yourself gone through my blog by nw, nd got some little bit info abt me.. Nyway, i’m 4m the capital of India… Delhi:), pursuing only.
    Nd yes that link turns out very useful 4 me…Yeah also got ur point, how ajax will be very productive 4 this project..

    Now finally,i had startd dwndling applictns, still searchin out few perfect ebooks.. Nyway will strike back onto ur blog.. the moment i had nthr obstacle in my way.. 🙂

    Thnx a ton!!

  4. I’m too a student but ur junior.. 🙂

    Best of luck to u too..

  5. hello,
    Am also participating in TGMC09 . Please tell me how to work on db2 and web sphere?
    Also tell me what factors are most important while making the project.
    Am totally new to these things.. please guide..


  6. Can you help us the about the Local Language Support specified in Prizes and evaluation page. Our topic is Online national polling, which local language is preferable ?

  7. am also participating in TGMC.tell me can i post the SRS document on 31st oct.plz reply

    • Hiii Rahul……..Yes you can submit ur SRS even today also…………Even our college friends thought the same thing like 30th is the last date….Have a look at TGMC site you will get all the information reg the dates and the format of mailing the SRS………..

  8. Hello ramya …I am willing to do tgmc project as my finalyear
    academic project..and my project is Work to Worker-Services to Unorganised Sector ..can u please help in JMS(java messaging services)in local languages

  9. hey!!!!
    i’m facing a problem in the connectivity between eclipse ,WAS & db2.We’ve got eclipse v3.3,WAS has got apache geronimo v2.0 and we think there is a problem in the eclipse plugin for geronimo v2.0.Please tel us if there is a latest plugin version to solve this problem.When we connect the error that occurs is “java.lang.illegalargument exception”.please reply as soon as possible….thank you..

    • Hello Meenakshi….So you have got WASCE 2 right!!!!!!
      Now open ECLIPSE and goto Window>show view>Servers then you will be getting a window at the bottom named servers.right click in empty space of the window and select server,then you will get a new window then goto IBM and in that select “IBM WASCE v2.0 server” click next then select the directory where you have installed WASCE.The path should be C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere\AppServerCommunityEdition…(if you have installed in C drive)…In this way you can connect ECLIPSE and WASCE…..
      All the BEST for your Project

  10. hai frnds,thi is kiran from AP.
    i have selected Employee Rural Registration as my project.
    iam good at oracle9i,10g,jsp,sevlets,java and J2EE technology..
    but iam new to AJAX,WEBSPHERE AND DB2…..
    i need ur help in learning those technologies and in Preparing SRS document..

    • hello kiran….
      you have selected a vry good project scenario.definetly i wil help you out….

  11. hi Ramya,
    iam interested in doing AUTOMATION OF CIVIL COURTS as my tgmc project.But iam new to ibm tools.i need ur help in preparing the srs and in completing the project

  12. Hey Ramya,

    I am participating in the TGMC 2011 and have selected the topic Automation Of Civil Courts.

    I would like to know what all tools am gonna need in building the scenario.

    Though i have the whole database of it and have prepared the use case diagram also. But till now am having problem with the tools and even don’t know about there working also…

    Please help me out…..

  13. respected sir,
    i have choosen online national pollig as my scenario in tgmc. As there is a functional requirement in it that the ECO(administrator) should be able to open/close registration lines for online polling, i have got struck in deploying this requirement. So, please help me out in how to achieve this functionality, i m not able to figure out this problem at all.
    Thank you..

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